Here is a look at our train that we have added to our inventory of resources to further development of a narrow gauge tourist operation. The trainset was purchased from the Marshall Farm in Fitchburg, Massachusetts where it was used as a stationary exhibit in their petting zoo venue. The train was purchased by the Marshall Farm in 2004 at auction from the defunct Frontier Town in North Hudson, New York.

Frontier Town operated for many years with a western themed amusement venue complete with cowboy and Indian shootouts, gunslinger demonstrations and rodeo round ups. The park is a legendary piece of upstate kitsch and a fond memory for many upstate New Yorkers who visited the park from the 1950’s through the end of operations there in the 1990’s. The train was used to transport visitors from the parking lot to the theme park where, passengers were usually held up at gunpoint by the train robbers who frequented the wooded area along the way.

The train consists of a locomotive and two passenger cars. The locomotive is a Fate-Root-Heath and was probably built around 1920 by the company which also built Plymouth locomotives. The unit is a two foot gauge industrial locomotive and was most likely used by a quarry or mine to move hopper cars within a contained plant. The engine has been modified to look like a Porter steam engine as Frontier Town had a Porter and this unit was built to simulate the steamer. The passenger cars are thirty feet long with wooden seating.

Engine “99”arrives in downtown Richfield Springs July 20, 2010.

Setting off the engine in South Columbia yard.

The second rail car arrives South Columbia yard.

Seating in the assembled train.

The Faith-Roots-Heath locomotive drive components.

Ron and Ben with the Frontier Town Train.

The train being assaulted by bandits at Frontier Town in this postcard view.